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The Falzini's of Contigliano Rieti, and Castelnuovo di Porto Lazio, Italy

Falzini Family Photos
On this page We will include some our favorite family photos.
Some will be of our Falzini Ancestors, and we will also feature some of the more Descendants as well ! 
If you have some photos you'd like to share on the web site, please scan them to and we'll post them here.


Helen Falzini, David Falzini Sr, and Don Ferritto

4 Children of Odoardo Falzini

Children of Odoardo Falzini and Erma Szabo


Children of Romolo Falzini, 1876 -1956

Top photo, Tony Falzini with sister Helen Falzini.
Bottom Photo Left to right Nellie ( Saunders ) Falzini, Tony and David Falzini