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The Falzini's of Contigliano Rieti, and Castelnuovo di Porto Lazio, Italy

About Our Project
Who We Are ---
We are a small group of The Falzini Family, who in thee course of our genealogical researches, developed this web site.
Our information has been accessed by several members of our family.
We hope that many members of our family will find this research interesting, as well as fascinating.
Richard Ganofsky is the Web master of the Falzini Family web site.  He also recieves all incoming querys regarding the our family.               
If you wish to e - mail us in regards to our project, our e -mail address is listed at the bottom of the page.                 
We are also in contact with relatives in Castelnuovo di Porto Italy.  With out their help and generous research, much of this information would still have been unknown !             
We hope to aquire as much data as we possibly can.  The Falzini's have been traced back to the the mid - 1760's at the present.
As some of you may know, we are in the midst of preparing material for a book about The Falzini Family, as I recently visited Castelnuovo 1 year ago.
You may click here featured below to see some of my photo's that I took during my trip.
We can't do this alone, and would certainly appreciate the help of our family members.
We are hoping to obtain more documentation, personal stories, photos, etc. to make our story as acurate as possible.
If you wish to scan a document for our research or a photo for us to use, please scan it to the e - mail provided below.
Please get in touch and let me know what you think of my site. 
If you feel you think you can help make any improvements or helpful suggustions to the family web site, please e -mail me your comments. 
We look forward to hearing from you soon !
Se siete una vita relativa in Castelnuovo di Porto, e non scriva l'inglese, Posso leggere e scrivere un certo italiano e farņ il mio la cosa migliore per comunicare con voi nella lingua italiana.
Thank - You, The Falzini Family
If you wish to view the on - line paper, "IL Nuovo" own and ran by Riccardo Falzini, brother of Barbara Falzini in Castelnuovo di Porto you can see it at --- Il Nuovo 

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If you wish to contact us about this website, or information on The Falzini Family, please e mail the address below. 

Thank you !